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This site is devoted to answer questions Canadians have about PM-International and the Fitline products.


These are words said a lot by many companies.   The trick is, can they prove it.
We feel very strongly about these words, as they have proven verifiable history that they are true, to them and all their products.
"Best Results"  ,  "Highest Quality"  ,  "Maximum Safety "

Health For your well being

Premium products to keep us in better health.


Fitness For your Athletic needs

Premium products that enhance your body's Athletic stamina.


Beauty For that look you are striving for.

Premium products to help with keeping yourself looking younger and more beautiful.


About PM-International

Insights Success PM story

Most Trusted Nutritional Supplements Provider 2021
On September 29, 2021 the Nutritional Supplements Magazine published cover story on "Insights Success" was PM International.

Making a global impact in the Health and Wellness Industry

PM-International, one of the fastest-growing and largest direct selling companies in the areas of health, fitness, and beauty.
With $1.71 billion annual sales in 2020, the company ranks 10th among the “DSN Global 100” list of direct selling companies worldwide and was recognized with the “Bravo International Growth Award” for the fastest-growing international direct selling company.
PM-International operates in over 35 locations in more than 40 countries worldwide, with the International Headquarters based in Luxembourg.
It gives everyone an equal chance to achieve their personal goals, regardless of their background, age, or financial status. Also, health, fitness and beauty are topics that affect everyone. As a result, the company’s distribution partners are working from all over the world and among them are many families with several generations working together ...   Click on the picture to read the full story.

PM-International Core Competence
Here is an informational video to get a better understanding of this fantastic company.    It is only 12 minutes long.    Short and to the point.

Video Courtesy of PM-International